Lock and Code

Alleviating ransomware’s legal headaches with Jake Bernstein

May 10, 2021

This week on Lock and Code, we speak to cybersecurity and privacy attorney Jake Bernstein about ransomware attacks that don't just derail a company's reputation and productivity, but also throw them into potential legal peril.


These are "double extortion" attacks, in which ransomware operators can hit the same target two times over—encrypting a victim's files and also threatening to publish sensitive data that was stolen in the attack. And in the US, whenever data is stolen and released, there are about 50 state laws that might dictate what a victim does next, and how quickly they do it. 


Tune in to learn about these ransomware attacks, what state laws get triggered, how new privacy laws affect legal compliance, and why Bernstein does not expect any federal legislation to standardize this process, on the latest episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.


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